6 and 12 Volt            Regulators
     Regulators and Rectifier/Regulators

      Autumn 2014

ThreeBond & Plug Caps

CDI Type HT Coil or
  12v DC Type HT Coil

  New Lower Prices
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We provide electronic ignition systems to help you get the very best out of your classic competition motorcycle!

Over the past twenty years, we have developed many systems for Trials, Scrambles, and Road Race use; and we now also offer ignitions for some Road Bikes as well. The majority of our ignition systems are self-generating, which eliminates the need for batteries!
Our range is extensive, also covering ignition systems that interface with batteries; so if this is your preference,
give us a call and let us help you!

We also now carry a wide range of parts -- primarily engine and transmission, but we're growing -- just let us know what you need!
If you are having problems with your present system, or are looking to improve the starting and performance of your classic motorcycle, please take a look at our ever-expanding products and services.


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