6 and 12 Volt            Regulators
     Regulators and Rectifier/Regulators

      Spring 2015

ThreeBond & Plug Caps

CDI Type HT Coil or
  12v DC Type HT Coil

  New Lower Prices


Debb broke her neck on 11 April, and will not be in the office for a while.

Fortunately, there has been no brain/head  or limb damage.  So she will need to wear a neck brace/collar for 8-12 weeks, and will be doing some work at home, as well as taking calls on the mobile. This way, messages can get to Rex, so he can call you back.

Please bear with us, and thanks for your patience! 

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We carry a wide range of BSA Bantam parts -- primarily engine and transmission -- and we're continually expanding.
Just let us know what you need!
We Ride BSA Bantams, We Race BSA Bantams, and We are Continually Developing Products and Services for the BSA Bantam.

You can take advantage of our knowledge and passion for the BSA Bantam!


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